About Us

Hello and welcome! 

My husband (Malcolm) and I (Katie) are both nurses who recently had a baby (Vienna). Our experience as nurses is in the operating room, so we had to do a bit of research when it came to our little one. One thing that we learned about newborns is that they are drawn to high contrast patterns and can only see about 8-12 inches in front of their face. When feeding Vienna, we would always wish that we had something for her to look at. Usually, our hands were full and we didn't have an extra one to hold a high contrast card. We realized that our heads are about 8-12 inches from her face so we started to wear those black and white patterns on our foreheads. She loved it! 

We wondered what would happen when she started seeing more colors and if she would even still be interested in the hats. At 5 months, she was still interested in the high contrast pattern and would even reach and play with the brim during feeding. We are still wearing the hats as she grows and develops.